About Us


Vast Win Group Limited was established in to hold private equity assets on a long-term basis. Vast Win is structured as an investment holding company with a permanent capital base which provides the flexibility to maximise returns irrespective of investment time horizon.

Vast Win focuses on high growth companies across potential IT industry. Each business is characterised by scalable businesses with sustainable competitive advantages and strong brands, and a platform approach is utilised to accelerate growth and enhance value creation in each business. Vast Win is managed by an experienced team of private equity investment professionals with a proven track record of successfully acquiring, managing and exiting investments, and who are committed to long-term, sustainable value creation.

Vast Win Group Limited 是一間以長期持有私募股權資產而成立的公司。 Vast Win被設計為具有永久資本基礎的投資控股公司,提供無限投資時間範圍內最大化回報的靈活性。

Vast Win專注於潛在IT行業的高增長公司。 每個業務的特點是具有可持續競爭優勢和強大品牌的可擴展業務,並且是一個用來加速增長業務的平台,增強每個業務本身的價值。 Vast Win由經驗豐富的私募股權投資專業團隊管理,成功獲得,管理和退出投資的成功記錄,以及致力於長期可持續價值創造。